Many parents would claim that they loved decorating their child’s nursery. That is because this gives them an opportunity to let their inner child shone. But we understand that many nurseries are styled according to the gender of the child. Thus, that is why we tend to see many pink and blue nurseries. Furthermore, there are also those that are based on a particular nursery rhyme. We are not saying anything is wrong with decorating in this manner. But there are other individuals who would wish to make this space more unique. Thus, that is why they opt to have a bohemian styled room. However, many individuals don’t know how to go about this task. That is because they think bohemian style only means peace symbols and floral patterns. However, that is not true.

When it comes to painting the walls of this room many of you would think of bold colours. That is because bohemian styles are all about bold colours and electric prints. Therefore due to this reason, you would think to use wallpaper instead of paint. That is because you can then opt for an electric print. This can be something like a vw transporter kombi wallpaper. But we would advise you against taking such a decision. Instead, we would advise you to opt for neutral colours. That is because then you can go on to use bohemian accessories. Otherwise, bold colours and bohemian accessories may feel too much for a nursery. If you are interested about party van hire you can visit this website

Bohemian Accents
If you took our advice and opt for a neutral colour you would think the room is too bare. Thus, that is why it is crucial to use bohemian accents. These can be anything from brightly coloured pillows to VW kombi van models. Furthermore, you can also use lively beddings and curtains. This would give the room a much-needed splash of colour.

Bring Nature Indoors
A major part of the bohemian style is nature. Therefore you too can incorporate some plants into this space. We know that you don’t normally see plants in the nursery. But that does not mean you cannot incorporate it. That is because we are not telling you to have a dramatic plant in this space. Instead, you need to opt for smaller plants. An ideal choice would be small succulents or even cacti.From a young age, we all want to teach our children to be unique. That they don’t have to follow the trend. Therefore, there is no better way to communicate this message than to have a bohemian styled nursery. That is because this is as unique and vibrant as you can get with a newborn baby.